Eling Tide Mill

Meet our miller

Matthew Painter - Miller, Eling Tide Mill

When our miller vacancy was originally advertised, there was a huge interest in the position, not only generated from the job advertisement but also following the Local and National PR. Radio Solent, ITV Meridian, the Southern Daily Echo, The Independent and The Times all carried articles on the role and it was considered that this may indeed be one of the rarest jobs in Britain.

Although Matthew had not come from engineering background, he showed a very practical aptitude and had also studied Medieval History, so his passion and knowledge of the mill really shone through.

Matthew underwent training in order to operate the mill and produce good quality flour, but is still learning about the maintenance of the machinery which will take some considerable time.

As the miller in one of only two working tide mills in the country, our miller Matt Painter could be said to have a rather unusual job. His role involves some ancient and fascinating processes and during the improvement project he will be involved in the restoration of the mill machinery, so we’ve asked him to give us occasional updates on what he’s been up to.